UNINOVA РInstituto de Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologias 

The UNINOVA Institute is a multidisciplinary, independent, and non-profit research institute employing around 180 persons, located in the metropolitan area of Lisbon. The main aim of UNINOVA is to pursue excellence in scientific research, technical development and advanced training and education. The staff works closely with industry and universities, technological innovations being transferred to profitable business concepts and, existing products, further developed to match new industrial requirements. UNINOVA contains various centers of excellence that expose a wide variety of competences. In particular, the CTS – Centre of Technology and Systems (formerly known as CRI – Centre for Intelligent Robotics) presents well-known competences in system modelling, conception and design of architectures, development of toolkits for standards-based platforms, and methodologies for design and implementation of intelligent manufacturing systems.

Involvement in Avangard

  • WP1 UNINOVA will contribute, on the basis of its past experience, creating business-led technology road maps.
  • WP2 The development of the architecture of cloud-based cyber-physical production systems will be a focus of UNINOVA, as well as the reliability of data using blockchain technology, from the definition up to the prototype and the test.
  • WP4 The design, simulation and development of the cloud-based Ind 4.0 pilot will benefit from the support of UNINOVA.
  • WP6 UNINOVA will participate to dissemination activities as well as to exploitation and standardisation; furthermore, it will be involved in the evaluation of business models and new value chains.
  • WP7 UNINOVA will contribute to coordinate all actions supporting the general management.