Gizelis Robotics S.A.

Gizelis Robotics (GRB) is a major industrial-robot system integrator in Greece which integrates all kind of applications like arc welding, palletizing, handling etc. and established as private limited company (SA) on March 2018. The company operates as a part of Gizelis Group of who is the biggest manufacturer of press brakes, shearing and plasma cutting machines in Greece with over 70% of production exported worldwide. Company’s facilities are located in Schimatari Greece along with Gizelis S.A. Group in a 12.000m2 area. GRB is activated in the area of robotics developing solutions for companies who want to integrate robots in their production. GRB designs the robotic systems, the controls systems and automation.

Involvement in Avangard

  • WP1 In WP1 Gizelis Robotics will contribute to the business led Pilot specification, and specifically on the eco-industrial requirements determination.
  • WP3 In WP3 Gizelis Robotics will be involved in the development of the modular process units through the robotized integration of laser cutting, shaping and welding of the 3D components and the supersonic deposition of metallic powders for high speed 3D printing.
  • WP4 In WP4 Gizelis Robotics will contribute to cloud based Avangard Ind 4.0 pilot utilized in the integration of the modules into a microfactory test bed.
  • WP5 In WP5 Gizelis Robotics will collaborate to the demonstration of the Ibike and I-Car prototypes, and to the new approaches for the integration of the battery packs.
  • WP6 In WP6 Gizelis Robotics will contribute to the Avangard dissemination and exploitation strategy.
  • WP7 In WP7 Gizelis Robotics will be involved to ensure the compliance with the project’s objectives and budget goals.