Polish Electromobility

POLEVS is a company that started its activities in 2017. POLEVS is focused on the engineering and advanced manufacturing of novel architectures of road electrical vehicles addressing:

  • New vehicle concepts, including design, simulation and construction of running prototypes,
  • Large scale production of urban EVs by a low cost turn-key assembly microfactory capable to produce 50 vehicles a day

Involvement in Avangard

  • WP1 POLEVS experience will be available to define AVANGARD specification
  • WP2 POLEVS will be engaged with advancements related to cloud-based platform and blockchain technologies
  • WP3 Development of the new modular process units will be promoted by POLEVS
  • WP4 POLEVS will take part in the integration of process modules into the microfactory test bed
  • WP5 Demonstrators (I-Bikes, I-CAR, Battery pack) will be advanced by POLEVS work
  • WP6 Dissemination, Exploitation and Business Models will involve POLEVS
  • WP7 POLEVS will cooperate for an effective project management