Introsys – Integracao de Sistemas Roboticos, S.A

INTROSYS was founded in 2002 as a spin off from the Electrical Engineering Department of Universidade Nova de Lisboa. It started with 4 employees and as grown to 157 employees with a turnover of 17.500 m€ in 2017. From the 157 employees 70 are graduated engineers and 20 are MSc. From 2004 till now the company has established itself in the market as one of the reference Controls Houses for the European Manufacturing Industry. The industrial automation department of the company is mainly involved with the development of real time automation solutions for the automotive industry. This department has developed solutions for different companies such as Ford, VW Group, including AUDI and, BMW. These solutions include, hard-ware planning and design, the development of systems control with industrial PLCs as well as robot programming, and robot and PLC process simulation. It has also participated in the development of control specifications for Ford and VW. Currently this department is essentially a provider of high-tech software solutions for automation in the highly competitive European automotive market. It has received several prizes from their customers for highly innovative solutions. INTROSYS boasts an impressive number of 3000 fully integrated industrial robots in actual production facilities.

Involvement in Avangard

  • WP1 INTROSYS will collaborate to define the specifications of the pilot micro-factory with new modular process units
  • WP2 Real time automation for automotive industry developed by INTROSYS will boost the development of the cloud-based cyber-physical production architecture and data modeling and design of standard interfaces
  • WP3 Support on technical aspects will be provided to the AVANGARD collaboration to advance the current manufacturing of 3D complex structures
  • WP5 INTROSYS will put most efforts in the development of the demonstrators, I-bike, I-Car, battery packs and test certification
  • WP6 The interaction with INTROSYS industrial framework will lead to advantages in the dissemination, exploitation and business models actions
  • WP7 INTROSYS will play a collaborative role in the management of AVANGARD and will ease the management with operations such as the generation and submission of milestones and deliverable reports.