PRIMA INDUSTRIE SpA is a worldwide leader in the field of industrial laser systems and sheet metal working machines. Today the company has about 1700 employees with the headquarter in Italy, where there is the new technological centre of the Group. Prima has also different facilities in the world such as Finland, USA, China and a diffused sales and service network is active in more than 80 countries. Thanks to the two traditional divisions of the group, Prima Industry is able to work on the main technological aspects of its products. With the machinery division of Prima Power, the company acts on the mechatronics, software, services; with the electronic division, Prima Electro, it focuses on the laser and optics, high power components and numerical control. 40 years of experience in laser technologies lead Prima to be proactive in the innovation on laser-based systems to process metal parts. The core of the technology Innovation for Prima is represented by three main topics: laser & optics, Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing processes.

Involvement in Avangard

  • WP1 PRIMA will contribute to define the specification of the multifunctional Flexible and Agile Pilot providing expertise and edge solutions in the field of laser cutting technology and sheet metal working machines.
  • WP2 The results, developed by PRIMA in its long-time activity including the previous research projects, will be exploited for data modelling and design of standard interfaces of machinery for the industry 4.0 environment in which AVANGARD will advance.
  • WP3 Automated systems for laser cutting-shaping-welding of 3D components is the main business of PRIMA, which will play the role of major contributor for what concerns these aspects within the project.
  • WP4 PRIMA raised a solid know-how in the application of industry 4.0 criteria and will advance the physical integration of the novel process units into the pilot, in particular for what concerns processes such as: welding of Super High Strength Steels, joining of additive-manufactured parts to structural parts and 3D printed metal components, as well as plastic-metal laser welding.
  • WP5 Avangard will benefit from PRIMA robotic laser-cutting-shaping-welding machinery: such systems specially fit for I-Bikes and I-Cars design and production methods.
  • WP6 The gained past experience of PRIMA in Exploitation, Standardization and the related IP management will be further developed within the project collaboration, likely leading to advanced results.
  • WP7 Given the PRIMA large involvement in the project and its background, it will provide a consistent support to the coordination of the technical activities, the overall legal, contractual, ethical, financial and administrative management and the operational project management.