Morphica is an Italian SME specialized in 3D printing founded in 2017 with headquarter in Monopoli, Bari, Italy. Morphica’s aims to develop, promote and disseminate additive manufacturing technology in Italy and worldwide. The company is a retailer of AM product and tools and is also defined as a service provider of additive manufacturing by offering complementary services. As a service provider, the core business of the company is the production of 3D printed parts. They produce mainly polymeric parts, with industrial and desktop machines, and they support their customer during the phases of concept, design and production of 3D parts. Morever Morphica provides to small companies and professional users training and consultancy for 3D printing as well as indirect services. The indirect service provider is a type of sale through affiliated customers who own a printer sold by Morphica. Four distinct figures are thus cooperating: creators of 3D content, Morphica as a 3D printer vendor, AM machine users who build the parts and customers who will enjoy the printed object. The innovation of this cooperation lies in the reduction of physical distances exploiting the greatest potential of additive manufacturing: being able to send an object virtually in centers equipped with 3D printers.

Involvement in Avangard

  • WP1 Among the novel modular process units to be included in the pilot, 3D printing plays an important role, where Morphica comes in to play starting from AVANGARD specifications
  • WP2 In a modern cloud-based Ind 4.0 framework 3D printing can be seen as a key service and its interface and architecture should be implemented; Morphica will share its experience to develop such aspects of the platform
  • WP4 Morphica will help to develop the integration of 3D printing in the pilot of the microfactory
  • WP5 Morpica support in 3D printing will beuseful to produce the demonstrators
  • WP6 Morpica will contribute to dissemination, exploitation and business model actions
  • WP7 The management process will find support by Morphica.