Massivit 3D was founded in June 2013 by Gershon Miller, Moshe Uzan and Igor Yakubov, formerly involved in development of large format digital printing solutions (in Idanit, Scitex Vision and HP Scitex). Mr. Miller was also one of the founders of Objet, a pioneer in 3D printing using industrial inkjet technology, which in 2012 merged with Stratasys – which together, under the Stratasys brand is one global leader in 3D printing (Nasdaq: ‘SSYS’). Massivit 3D’s headquarters are located in Lod, Israel, with over 80 employees and ~1,500 sqm facilities; Massivit 3D filed so far 15 patent applications, eight of which have already been granted, for materials and technology. The Massivit 1800 system was designed and built for very large models, printed at a very high speed. Massivit’s Dimengel – our building material – and the GDP process (Gel Dispensing Printing) enable fast printing incorporating instantaneous solidifying of the model using UV radiation, with no need for any post printing additional curing, and with minimal need for support structures that cause significant waste of material and print time. The system features large format and high-speed 3D polymeric printing, introducing new polymeric materials aiming at reducing the deformation of the printed components while increasing the mechanical properties.

Involvement in Avangard

  • WP1 Pilot specification including novel modular process units
  • WP2 Cloud-Based Platform and Blockchain Technologies
  • WP3 Development of the new modular process units
  • WP4 Development of the new modular process units
  • WP5 Integration of process modules into a Micro-factory test bed
  • WP6 Demonstrators
  • WP7 Dissemination, Exploitation and Business Models