Belgian Welding Institute

BWI (the Belgian Welding Institute) is a collective research centre with members from various welding related sectors (automotive, transport, construction, (petrochemical industry). BWI has extensive recognised expertise in joining, material weldability, testing of materials and weldments, with a particular focus on in service use. The necessary knowledge to execute the proposed project is therefore to a large extent available. BWI cooperates actively in several national and international projects, as well as in bilateral projects for specific companies and internal research (strategic research) projects. On a regular basis, for certain new products, extensive investigations are carried out to assist companies in choosing the right joining process, based on technical and economical factors. BWI has extensive recognised expertise in testing of materials and worldwide reputation in testing of welds. It is a fully independent non-profit organisation, combining the functions of research and development, education, training and transferring knowledge and all service relevant research for welding and related technologies, weldability of various materials and the behaviour of welded components and structures in service. In service behaviour is studied for low or high temperature applications, static and dynamic loading and corrosive conditions. BWI deals with all aspects concerning traditional welding methods, novel techniques like for example electromagnetic pulse welding, friction welding, mechanical joining methods and hybrid techniques. The necessary knowledge to execute the proposed project is therefore to a large extent available.

Involvement in Avangard

  • WP4 Quality Control of welding processes for the microfactory will be the main role for BWI, together with welding process certification. Tasks include weld examination and Welding procedure qualification, manufacturing of WAAM parts, quality investigation of the additive manufactured parts and Joining of additive-manufactured parts to each other or other structural parts.
  • WP5 Demonstrator prototypes will be assembled exploiting welding processes developed by BWI, which will take care of demonstrator testing as well
  • WP7 BWI will act jointly to smooth the management steps and will provide effective support to cooperation