Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles

I-FEVS is focused on the engineering and advanced manufacturing of novel architectures of road electrical vehicles. I-FEVS is a member and major driver of the cluster Torino e-district addressing the overall value chain of electro mobility with a focus on EVs:

  • New vehicle concepts, including design, simulation and construction of running prototypes,
  • Large scale production of urban EVs by a low cost turn-key assembly micro-factory capable to produce 50 vehicles a day (in collaboration with Comau and Magnetto Automotive CLN Group).

Involvement in Avangard

  • WP1 The special production method, adopted by I-FEVS, is a relevant reference approach for the definition of eco-sustainable, flexible and agile production of urban electric vehicles, suitable for collaborative manufacturing; this will help with defining new technology roadmaps.
  • WP2 AVANGARD will profit of I-FEVS strong acquired knowledge in the definition and development of cloud-based, Industry 4.0 and blockchain technology.
  • WP3 I-FEVS is deeply interested and involved in the development of edge technology of laser cutting-shaping-welding robotised systems, supersonic metal deposition and 3D polymeric printing.
  • WP4 The microfactory concept has been explored by I-FEVS since a while; IFEVS will pursue the application of the new results of AVANGARD new elements identified in the previous WPs within the production of urban electrical vehicles.
  • WP5 I-FEVS will play a major role in WP5 since most of the demonstrator prototypes will be implemented in its facilities: new e-vehicles with advanced battery pack integration and quantum-based technology will be assembled here.
  • WP6 The nature of I-FEVS, as a research site on electric urban mobility, gives it an important role in AVANGARD, to develop new results and will involve it in the exploitation and standardization process, as well as the definition of models of collaborative manufacturing and extended new value chains; noteworthy, in I-FEVS efforts are already made in promoting Blockchain instruments, not limited to but including crowdfunding manufacturing.
  • WP7 I-FEVS role in the project will enable it to contribute in the definition of the guidelines particularly for what concerns the coordination of the technical activities and linking together all project components, as well as the consortium IPR, and knowledge management.