MA. is the automotive division of CLN Group. We are a leader company in the production of metal parts for automotive for every type of vehicles (passenger car, light commercial vehicles, heavy truck). MA Headquarters are in Rivoli (Torino). Technical Office and R&D Department are responsible for analyses and optimization of standard products and of all the activities focused on innovation of parts as well as the processes for their manufacturing. The company includes production sites in several countries (Italy, France, Poland, Germany, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, China) and is present worldwide also thanks to technical collaborations with other industrial partner belonging to the same sector. Today all the major car manufacturers of the world are MA’s customers (MA as tier1)

Involvement in Avangard

  • WP1 MA will collaborate to define the pilot specification on the basis of its expertise on cutting, cold and hot stamping, roll- and crash-forming and welding of steels and aluminum alloys.
  • WP2 The adoption of new technologies will be based on several solutions, among which data modelling and design of standard interfaces for which MA can pursue new advancements.
  • WP3 New modular process units, such as robotized integration of laser cutting-shaping-welding for 3D components and supersonic deposition of metallic powders for high speed 3D printing, are of great interest to MA and could gain from its wide experience in the field.
  • WP4 In the integration of process modules into a microfactory test bed, MA will be deeply involved for the simulation of the microfactory and all processes related to welding of super high strength steels, 3D printed metal components and joining of additive-manufactured parts as well as their quality assessment
  • WP5 Test certification of demonstrators will gain advantage from MA input, particularly for what concerns fatigue tests.
  • WP6 MA will pool resources to carry out Dissemination, Exploitation and Business Models
  • WP7 MA will support proactively the project management in all phases related to its fields.